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Integrated Management System


TCM Pty Ltd is committed to the development of a management system that is capable of achieving and maintaining certification status to the National and International standards of:

  • Quality Management System Standard ISO 9001

  • Environmental Management System Standard ISO 14001:2004

  • Occupational Health and Safety System Standards AS/NZS 4801:2001


TCM is committed to providing clients with the highest standard of product and services at the lowest possible cost.


Our Vision
  • TCM Pty Ltd will provide quality air conditioning and engineering products and services that exceed
    the expectations of our customers. We will continue to be an essential part of our customer's and
    our people's success.

  • To be a recognised leader in the air conditioning industry in Tasmania through continual improvement
    and development of our Integrated Management System.

  • To ensure superior innovation, enthusiasm and involvement of all employees, embrace energy efficiency
    and innovation with product and systems application and gain a closer appreciation of our clients' needs
    and expectations whilst improving Environmental Performance and engaging with our Community and
    to support all employees and their families in pursuing an active, fulfilling life in their Community



The principal objective of TCM is to perform its functions and exercise its powers so as to be a successful business by:


  • Operating in accordance with sound commercial practices and as efficiently as possible;

  • Maximising the sustainable return to the State in accordance with its corporate plan;

  • Maximising the net worth of the business; and;

  • Continually striving to protect the environment in planning, executing and monitoring its operations.


Regular Management Review confirms that objectives are aligned with the IMS Policy. The reviews also measure and record progress made towards meeting these objectives.

Our Commitment



Every person has the right to return home safely. We are committed to having a pro-active risk management system that identifies and manages risk. Our system is based on good communication, timely reporting and transparency.



We will constantly review and improve the quality of our products and services. We aim to ensure things are done right the first time, and identify improvement opportunities to increase business viability.



We are committed to protecting the environment through appropriate planning and execution of work practices. We will continue to aim for a 'Zero Harm' vision by minimising waste and pollution through efficient use of resources.


Our People

Our people are our best resource. We are committed to providing a secure, positive workplace culture, ensuring that staff understand their responsibilities and have the skills to complete their work to the highest standards.


Our Customers

We will endeavour to be an integral part of our customer's success by continuously striving to exceed customer expectations, in both quality and performance.


Our Community

We encourage and support involvement in fundraising ventures and assisting members of the community in need.


Our Systems

We are committed to the total integration of quality, safety and environmental functions and achieving and maintaining certification status to the National and International standards of:

  • AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

  • AS/NZS ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems

  • AS/NZS 4801 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems


Our Objectives


  • To Provide and maintain a safe working environment and safe systems of work

  • Consult and co-operate with employees, customers and other relevant thrid parties

  • Continually improve our performance through effective management

  • Establish and maintain a workforce that recognises the importance of quality,
    the environment and safety through regular training and good work practices

  • To understand our customers' requirements through regular contact

  • Undertake work in accordance with relevant Legislation and other requirements

  • Providing continual improvement processes that will result in a working environment
    that is safe to all employees and associated parties

  • Minimise waste pollution through efficient use of resources


Chris Wright                                                Todd Booth

Director                                                        Director

Download  a copy of our Integarted Management Plan
Download  a copy of our -
Environmental Management System Certificate of Registration
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